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September 14, 1:00 p.m. (UTC+0)
IDE-powered BPM platform: Achieving Seamless Collaboration for Business Analysts and Java Developers within a Single Tool
This developer-friendly webinar showcases Jmix's runtime and scalability advantages, enabling developers to optimize BPM solutions with ease.
Alex Burov
Associate Partner Manager,
Professional Software Engineer (Jmix)
Victor Fadeev
Product Marketing Lead, Jmix
Your own Runtime and BPM scalability at once
Join us for an engaging webinar that puts the spotlight on the seamless collaboration between BPM analysts and developers, facilitated by the cutting-edge capabilities of Jmix. Experience live project hands-on and discover how Jmix empowers both roles to work harmoniously.

During this webinar, our expert presenters will showcase the unique features of Jmix that promote effective collaboration between analysts and developers in the BPM domain. Through live coding examples and real-world scenarios, you'll witness firsthand how Jmix revolutionizes the way analysts and developers work together, enabling them to build efficient and scalable BPM solutions.

Webinar agenda
Tuesday, September 14
— Intro of the speakers.
— What is Jmix and why it matters for BPM
— Webinar objectives and approach
Overview of the live coding and process creation format
Understanding Jmix's Runtime Advantages
— Exploring Jmix's efficient process execution architecture.
What differentiates us from other vendors?
— Real-time monitoring and dynamic task management made easy
— Integrating with external systems and APIs for enhanced functionality
Live Coding Session: Unleashing Jmix's Power
— Setting up your Jmix BPMS project and environment
— Step-by-step process modeling and workflow design
Q&A Session
— Engage with our knowledgeable presenters during an interactive Q&A session. 
September 14, 1:00 p.m. UTC+0
Webinar Length 60 minutes

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