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July 9, 2:00 p.m. (UTC+0)
Business software without boilerplate and overengineering
Spring Boot
Maximizing development productivity in custom enterprise software development with Java
High expenses for maintaining current technology stack, too long onboarding period for new developers, experience traps when choosing the tech stack for the next project, and insufficient productivity to stay competitive in the market. These are the topics we’re going to cover during the webinar and share our expertise about the approaches and technologies to fix them.
Webinar agenda
JULY 9 (CET: 15:00 / EST: 09:00 / SGT: 22:00)
Custom software development challenges
Modern state of software development productivity tools
Revisiting model-driven development and RAD
How can you benefit from modular monolith application design
Q&A Session

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July 9, 13:00 UTC+0, CET: 15:00, EST: 09:00, SGT: 22:00

Webinar Length 60 minutes
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